My Black History Part 4

Tracing Amy

Tracing Amy

My Black History is Richard Edwards.  He was the most caring grandfather.  A gentle, but firm man.  I loved him dearly.


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My Black History Part 1

My Black History is the ancestors who wouldn’t be considered extraordinary beings.   They are extraordinary to me because they survived slavery so that I would come to be.

Tracing Amy

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52 Ancestors #10: Richard Edwards, Sr. – I Never Said Goodbye

Tracing Amy

Richard Edwards, Sr. 1917 – 2010

“When are you coming home?”  This is the last thing I can remember my grandfather saying.  This question ran through my mind over

and over again as my mother told me that my grandfather had passed away.  I was sitting on the floor of my hotel room in Philadelphia on May 10, 2001.

My heart ached because I was not able to make it home to see him.  He would ask me that question every time I talked to him. I had moved to Atlanta a few months prior and was getting settled.  Between that and travel for work, I wasn’t able to make the weekend trips home like I had intended.  He had passed away and I didn’t get to say goodbye and I can still hear his voice asking me that same question.  This has made it hard for me to write about him.  So, for now, I will just say Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandaddy.  I miss you and I love you.

Richard EDWARDS, Sr is my maternal grandfather.  He was born to Roberta EDWARDS & Ruby SHANKS EDWARDS GLENN on December 31, 19171.  He passed away on May 10, 2001.2 3

This is my tenth post as a part of the original 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, created by Amy Johnson Crow back in 2014.   I am starting this challenge back up where I left off and hope to complete it this time around in 2018.


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