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Collaborating With Cousins

I am so excited! Since joining Ancestry.com in the past year, I have reached out to several persons that have the same ancestor on their family tree. These trees usually come through hints and when I review, I will send a note. It has taken months for some to reply, but lately they have been replying back to back for a the particular line that I am researching at the moment.

I have been researching the STOKES line because there is a family reunion this year. I want to learn as much as I can before attending. So, I am elated to have found 3 relatives who are also researching. One of my cousins just happens to be the keeper of the family tree and may have most of the details that I would be looking for.  He turned out to be the son of  my Great grand-uncle Alonzo Stokes that I was having trouble finding any information on!  Alonzo Stokes is the son of Henry Stokes and Malissa Pickett Stokes of Clarke County, Mississippi.

My cousin and I spoke today and while he does have a lot of information, there is much work to do to tie up loose ends.  He has mentioned some queries that he would like some help with and we are also talking about pulling together a website dedicated to family history for descendants of Taylor and Cornelia Stokes of Clarke County, Mississippi.  I love it!

Now, I must get to work!  I just wanted to share that having the courage to reach out and adding in much patience eventually pays off.

Happy Searching!


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21 thoughts on “Collaborating With Cousins

  1. Wonderful that you can work with new cousins to help you research, and yes patience is a must and it pays off eventually. Great post.

  2. Hey there … welcome to the “World of Blogging”. You have a great start and I’m sure you will have much success with your journey. I’m following so I won’t miss and of your posts. I have a long time genealogy friend (Dona Stokes) who is on facebook. Maybe you should reach out to her; I’m sure she will share what she has on her husband’s family.

  3. It’s great that you are starting to connect to some of your cousins through ancestry.com. I hope you and your cousin are able to pull off your website. It would be a great thing to make the reunion especially memorable.

    • Thanks M. Dawn! I hope so too. I am going to get to work with what he has asked help with and maybe he and I can come up with a mock-up of the site and propose it to the committee.

    • Thanks Delores! It is indeed a blessing to be able to work with him. He inherited the previous work on the family tree. Now we just have to take it to the next level.

  4. Your blog is LOVELY!! Congratulations also on all the interactions you’ve had lately on Ancestry! I’ve made some connections via those shaky leaves myself lately. So I definitely know how excited you are about hearing from those you’ve reached out to via that service. Take care, happy ancestor hunting and again . . . great blog!

  5. I love the way you’ve jumped in & made yourself right at home Amy! I knew you & your Ancestors belonged in this community. You are a natural! Be on the lookout for Melvin & Clarissa STOKES-WHITE from Cincinnati. Their father was Michael & Mother Melvina. I grew-up with them in Cincinnati & eventually Clarissa married my cousin Elmo WHITE. If those names (or Ancestors) decide to connect our dots I would be thrilled! Bless you & yours in the New Year!:)

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